It is given to me

Today I was studying 1 Nephi 18 with Jonathan and I was struck by Nephi’s ability to remain humble during his time of afflictions brought upon him by his brothers and wondering to myself, “when will I be like Nephi?” While pondering on these things I was reminded of some challenging events in my life right now and how the natural side of me would probably complain, but instead, I feel a sweet desire swelling up deep within me to be humble amidst these afflictions. It is coming very easily to me and it is obvious that it isn’t coming from me.

Rather, it is coming from a deep reservoir within me that contains truth from One who has gone before and paved the way for all mankind – it is from Him whence my humility flows.

The ideas of how to be more patient, the ability to focus on what I can give of myself, to know I need to cling to my faith now more than ever and how to do that, to be given impressions that my trials and afflictions are actually blessings in disguise and then to immediately feel so much gratitude for a wise and loving Heavenly Father that my heart feels like it will burst. No, none of this comes from me – it is given to me – and how grateful I am for that. I learned  that being like Nephi isn’t something I can do on my own – it is developed, or rather, gifted through Christlike attributes.

Oh, how I truly am nothing without Him!

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